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Would you like to become a member of Team Shade? As a member, you'll be entered in raffles and giveaways for advanced read copies, giftcards, books, signed bookmarks, swag, and more. You'll be invited to S.M. Shade's private Facebook group for her street team and be privy to excerpts of upcoming releases weeks before the public. Be the first to see and give your opinion on cover art, and chat with other fans.

What do you have to do? 

Your level of participation is entirely up to you. Readers are the lifeblood of indie authors, and word of mouth is crucial. Whether you're a blogger, reviewer, beta reader, or dedicated fan you're a major part of the process of making a book a success. So, specifically, how can you help?

-Recommend S.M. Shade books. Do you belong to online book groups or social groups? Simply talk about the books and your opinion. Recommend it for your reading group's weekly or monthly read, and/or use the Recommend Books feature on Goodreads. Tag the S.M. Shade Fan Page when you comment about the book on Facebook. Add the books to the appropriate Listopia lists or create your own list around an S.M. Shade book.

-Review. You don't need to write a book report. Most books are well summarized by bloggers and customers tend to be more interested in your honest opinion of the book. Did you enjoy it? Was it boring? What did you think of the characters? Would you read more by this author? Just a few lines explaining your opinion of the story is immensely appreciated and will help the book move up the list on Amazon making it more visible to new readers. If you don't care to leave a review, give a star rating.

-Share, Like, Tweet. Like the S.M. Shade Fan Page, Amazon Author Page, Follow on Twitter, become a fan on Goodreads. Retweet and Share posts. It doesn't matter if it's a silly observation, new release announcement, or a sale, the more people who see the name S.M. Shade, the better.

-Buy the books the first week. First week sales are critical. If you're interested in purchasing the newest S.M. Shade book, pre-order or download the first week if possible. Of course I appreciate your buying the books at anytime, but buying week one helps push the book up the lists where it can be seen by new readers.

If you're interested in joining Team Shade and doing one or more of the previous suggestions, request to join the Facebook group here.