Friday, September 26, 2014

Falling Together, All That Remains Book Two now available for pre-order

   In the aftermath of a global nightmare, Abby Holder is living her dream. Married to the love of her life, Airen, and surrounded by friends and family it seems she's found her happily ever after. But the struggle of living in a post plague world is never ending. When circumstances take Airen far away, she's faced with the devastating realization he may be lost to her forever. Broken-hearted, she turns to Joseph, her best friend and the only one who understands her pain. After all, he loves Airen too.
   The sound of a car horn in the middle of the night changes everything, leaving Abby caught between the two most important men in her life. After surviving the worst the world could throw at them, Airen, Abby, and Joseph must face the most brutal human experience...true love. Can they overcome the betrayal, hurt feelings, and jealousy to do what's best for the ones they love? Their circumstances are far from ordinary. Perhaps the answer is extraordinary as well.

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